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Website for a startup data analysis tool for dbt analysis and data observability

Website for a startup data analysis tool for dbt analysis and data observability

Warsaw, Poland
Web Design
Web Development
Graphic Design
What They Do
Data analysis tool that helps data engineers with dbt analysis and data monitoring
Project Goal
To upgrade the re_data website to be a a high-fidelity, mobile responsive website to help inform data teams about the benefits of using the newly released re_cloud data dashboard from re_data.
My Experience

Working with the re_data team was fantastic. They are a brilliant team of data engineers with a bright vision for the future of data management.

We started with a digital marketing strategy including the development of user personas, re_data brand guide, and strategy for the website. This step helped us to better define our audience, to identify drivers for our preferred users, and to develop targeted messaging. We included an SEO discovery along with competitor analysis to reveal what keywords were relevant in the space around data monitoring, data observability, and dbt tools.

After a deep dive on the value offered by the re_cloud product, we worked through the written content delivered by the re_data team, and provided additional copywriting for certain sections in order to align with the messaging outlined in the marketing strategy. These keywords were later strategically inserted into the copy to ensure they are easy to find in search based on their service offering.

We then gathered visual content including screenshots from the the re_cloud software, data source logos, and top client logos. Using Adobe Illustrator, we created visually attractive mockups of the software for use as graphics on the website. With all the digital assets ready, we worked in Adobe XD to build a UI/UX prototype of the site. We included colorful square elements into the design to represent different pieces of data.

Once all elements were prepared, we jumped into Webflow to develop the website, link all pages and page sections, and build custom animations for a smooth and seamless user experience. The colorful shapes are made to rotate and 'tumble' on scroll as if falling into place. We optimized the website to be mobile responsive, tested all links and integrations, and ensured all SEO requirements were met - and launched 🚀

The Outcome

The website was launched in time for the upcoming incubator event at which the re_data team presented.

The company, product and website were well-received, and re_data has since grown its product, service offering and user base.

The website is operation and continues to garner the attention of data teams, data engineers, technology incubators, startup funders, and other stakeholders.

Software Used
Adobe XD
Adobe Illustrator

We worked with Mickey on the redesign of our website. Not only he turned out to be genuinely interested in an unobvious, niche matter of our business, but he actually managed to get a good, actionable grasp of it pretty quickly. He was communicative, engaged, and provided suggestions and assistance far beyond sole designs, including writing copy to present our story and SEO research. It was clear he not only wanted to do his job but actually cared for our success.

Piotr Herstowski
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