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Hey, I'm Mickey... I am a web designer + digital marketer with a big heart and a knack for big results.

📈 My team can help you build a website that will drive results for your business.

We support our clients to share their stories, develop their brands, and build their exposure online using smart, effective web design + SEO.
As a multi-talented, multi-media designer, I use an integrated approach to deliver value.
We build high performance Webflow websites for tech startups and other growing businesses who rely on consistent website traffic to generate leads, and grow their client base.
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SEO + Webflow Expert
Web Designer
Digital Marketer
World Traveler
Story Teller
Family Man
Belizean / American
Water Connoisseur
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SEO Webflow Developer ⚡️

If you're running a B2B, Saas or Coaching business, SEO Webflow services will help ensure your website is best positioned and optimized to appear in search. We provide Webflow Expert support to keep your site up to date in today's fast changing digital environment.
Offer your clients a seamless user experience with a website that clearly articulates and depicts your company's unique value so they can visualize the impact your solution will have on their business.

Why do we emphasize SEO?

Bring awareness to your brand by appearing regularly in search results.
Create a beautiful, secure, lightning fast website to support your growing business.
Connect with more customers that are searching for what your business offers in your area.

👁 My Vision

To build a full-scale digital marketing agency to support my growing network of visionary entrepreneurs from around the world.

🎯 My Mission

To enhance the business growth of my clients with smart digital marketing strategy, beautiful graphic art, and websites that rank on Google.

My Values

Quality - I always strive to over-deliver, providing more value than expected for my clients.
Transparency - Clear and regular communication is key to building trust with my clients.
Customer Satisfaction - I always do my very best to please the customer, who is always right.
Many business owners don't know that their websites are underperforming. When was the last time you ran an SEO audit for your business website?

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Mickey Bowen
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My Story

When I first started doing graphic design, I was working for a music venue in Seattle.

I designed posters for local bands and DJs, and produced graphics for social media marketing for larger touring artists. I also worked the shows as a production / box office manager 🤘
When I wasn'tf
We came to Belize together in 2016 where we have been busy building a family together ever since.
Soon after arriving in Belize, I landed a job at one of Belize's premier print studios and creative agencies.
In 2020, I started my freelance web design business in Belize. With the spread of Covid-19 in Belize later that year and the ensuing lockdown, my intuition to work from home and offer a digital product proved effective. I have since created numerous websites for clients in Belize and the US.
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