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Logo for DJ Collective

Logo for DJ Collective

Wild Life Collective
Bay Area, California
Identity Systems
Graphic Design
What They Do
Event Promotions
Project Goal
Design a professional, attractive logo that can be used to print merchandise.
My Experience

Wild Life is a small collective of bass music DJs, producers, and party planners from California. The events are often set in natural environments, and participants sport a combination of urban and rugged / outdoorsy fashion and apparel. I felt this called for a logo that was both sharp and attractive, but also featured elements of nature.

After a few rounds of back and forth with my client, we agreed to two logo types. The first features a wolf drawn in a geometric pattern build on a hexagon, and the other featuring a collective of triangles that may be interpreted as mountains or pine trees. Both logos feature a bold type, based on the font Bemio, which I feel adds to the strong, empowered nature of the collective.

The Outcome

With two fresh logo options, my client is well-equipped to print flyers, t-shirts, and stickers to help spread the word about his bass music events.

Software Used
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
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